Friday, April 1, 2011

Hot Dog Pot (Beijing) - ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

  They serve Dog meat in a lot of places in China, definitely not excluding Capital city - Beijing.  Look at the lovely doggy below, which I'd chosen for the chef to be chopped up into a million pieces from alive, and then to be put into the hotpot for slow stewing! 

Arrgh...  Dog Hot Pot.
Here we go

He's so adorable isn't he..
Definitely free-range and from Beijing,
you get to pick your own dog keke..

Cooked with a bit of veggies, to be downed with a beer -
Meat was tender and flavourful, slightly nutty even.
A bit overly gamey and the fur wasn't fully removed!  ~  12/10

Isn't this disgusting haha? >.<'

Address:  Not telling you. 
Opening Hours:  Not Available either
Fact or Fiction:    What is today?  Exercise your brain duh!!


  1. 狗肉穿腸過,佛祖心中留,多年前我都吃過一次

  2. You really almost fooled me...;)!!!

  3. omg..that was just evil!
    an evil prank i mean :)

  4. Haha - actually some people thought this was real even after reading it =)

    I needed to explain that for a while! :P

  5. Nooooooooooooooooooooooo
    You're so naughty, need to be spanked!
    Good one, though ;)

  6. haha ... is it truly a joke? I wonder haha ...

  7. Haha, I am just making up excuses you mean? :P Yes I have a double-spies identity keke. Did someone say spank btw - that'll make my ass appear slimmer ? xDD

  8. I was thinking, is this for real? Then I saw the date, April foools!

  9. Smart you worked it out at least! Some friends still don't believe me otherwise hahaha



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