Saturday, April 30, 2011

泉昌美食 (Chuen Cheong Foods) - ♕♕♕♕

  Stinky Tofu these days are much more approachable compared to the past, I would say!  Although found in most parts of China, the Hong Kong Cantonese version is always fried.     I remember eating them years before and they literally smells like the biggest fart from a fat dude having too much refried beans, but nowadays stinky tofu is milder than even factory manufactured “boxed” Japanese Natto,  let alone the artisanal  Leaf Wrap Fermented Natto (苞納豆) more popular in the past.  


is one of the more famous shops for Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐) in Wanchai, but one of their more interesting specialty & which not many people know about, is their other rarer to find,  Fried Fish Balls (炸魚蛋)..


Front Counter selling manufactured Fish Balls, or Curry ‘rubbery’ Squid -
I think I’ll pass on these today, thx… they’re just gap fillers !!


Fried Stinky Fermented Tofu  (臭豆腐) -
This is pretty good, but surprisingly are cut up into 2 smaller pieces.  Not very stinky however, which some will think is not the real deal.  Well, people nowadays are eating boxed and manufactured, non-藁苞納豆, and think it is the real deal anyway…  Its hard to judge!  ~  8/10

Fried Fish Balls (炸魚蛋) & Fried Fish Paste in Capsicum  (釀青椒) -
You can find the latter in a lot of street stalls, and may be they’ll even be less oily and taste better than here!   But the Fried Fish Balls are what customers come for, together with the Stinky Tofu.   Its pretty ok  !  ~  7/10


You can get similar food in Mongkok,
but they’re much dirtier and there’s no room to sit and eat.  This Wanchai shop, makes for a good spot for a quick snack !  And it’s very traditionally Hong Kong!



Price: $16 Per Person
Food Score: ★★★★☆☆
Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri  -    13:00pm  -  21:00pm 
Sat             -    14:00pm  -  21:00pm

Address:  灣仔灣仔道150號D舖
Shop D, 150 Wanchai Road, Wan Chai
Ph: 2575 8278

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