Friday, April 29, 2011

Ristorante Pizzeria Tudini (Rome, Italy) - ♕♕

   The weather in Rome was absolutely flooding the city when I arrived, and I encountered trouble finding my hotel(s), let alone finding some gelaterie or restaurants I had on my to-do list.  It was getting late and instead of heading off to the outskirts or more popular night areas, I walked into one of the simpler Restaurant-Pizzeria near the Termini Station, and from memory there are 2 Tudini’s in the area.  This restaurant was completely packed and people were waiting in line from outside.    The strangest thing, was seeing how everybody around me seemed to be enjoying their meals here tremendously, including 2 Japanese ladies I walked into here with together (who both said the meal was fantastic).   Perhaps the food taste here is designed to cater for overseas tourists?  I would never have dined here, if I really got the chance to explore around the city…  it was absolutely horrible food.

They all attach the Pizzeria tag to the name,
I do wonder if this attracts more tourists in?

Some Olive Oil, Balsamic and Red Wine Vinegar -

Bread Basket -
Cold bread is the norm, and so are pre-packaged super-hard Grissini. 
We’re 身在福中不知福..!! Smile with tongue out   ~  5/10

Some Red Wine, by the Carafe -

Spaghetti alle Vongole  (€ 10) -
Personally, didn’t want to order the Carbonara/Amatriciana/Arrabbiata (or Cacio e Pepe) varieties, and seeing it was Tuesday, ordered this harder to cook right Clams pasta.  The spaghetti was cooked al-dente perfectly, but the clams quality for a Tuesday was suspect and there weren’t even the shells attached.  Without the shells, there’s little clam-juice flavour either, and this was super-hot in chili taste and garlic.  Told the waiter to come pick it off the table after 2 bites.  Horrible  ~  2/10

Bistecca di bue ai ferri  (€12) -
Wanted to order Trippa alla Romana and was told they’d run out.  Same with their Stracciatella soup.  Ended up ordering a steak so I can gauge the quality of Italian beef, since you can’t eat Italian beef outside of Italy easily and I can make a comparison to a later Steak meal at Nino Ristorante.   This was griddled cooked and pretty average.  Those living in Australia could be proud of their cheap local Italian steaks served at the family oriented La Porchetta chains.  ~  4/10


Really strange indeed, to see people highly enjoying their meals here… Sad smile



Price: €35 Per Person including VAT
Food Score: ★★

Address: Via Cavour, 49-51-52, Roma 00184, Italy
Ph: 06 4743905


  1. hey man, I just ate this restaurant yesterday right here in Rome.
    I also had a very bad impression for this restaurant, especially the service is really awful.
    The worse one is, after the meal when we asked the bill, that they refused us to pay via credit.
    But I ask them explicitly first before I come into this restaurant, they answer me like "dont worry, just enjoy first."
    Then in the end when I payed, they just become really mean to ask my money, it is like they thought I want to cheat them.

    I mean this is a "restaurant", not the vendor or something raoming on the street trying to steal your money.
    It is the worse restaurant in Italy I have ever been.

  2. Thanks for sharing the experience! Now I wish I would have read this earlier ... we've been there on Tuesday and didn't enjoy it either. There were also some japanese girls who didn't feel happy in the end as well :(



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