Monday, April 4, 2011

To Yuen (桃園潮州粥麵) - ♕♕

  To Yuen (桃園) is just adjacent opposite the office block, and it is quite famous locally for their Chiu Chow style Beef briskets and beef innards noodles, where meat or organs are cooked in a Lo Shui masterstock.   This is my 2nd time visiting, but after this visit I remembered why I wasn't so keen to return to this shop...

滷水牛腩牛什河 (Beef Brisket/Flank and Innards with Rice Noodles) -
The pancreas were hardish, stomach and large intestines bordering on chewy. These were ok overall but the brisket was hard and dry.  On the positive side, the soup was actually very good and so were the Hor Fun noodles.  If I ever come again, I will order plain soup noodles ~  3/10

 冬菇肉碎粥 (Mushrooms with Pork Mince Chiu Chow Congee) -
Chiu Chow congee has the water and rice separated yes, but this one was so watery.  There's also a bit of oiliness from the pork, but funnily enough not much of it were to be seen.  Don't bother ~  0/10

Price:  $30 - $40 Per Person
Score:  ★★☆☆

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat - 10:30am - 22:45pm
Sun - 10:30 - 20:45pm

Address:  中環皇后大道中威享大廈地下
G/F, V. Heung Building, Queen's Road Central, Central
Ph: 2581 9725


  1. I used to work in Sheung Wan and went here to To Yuen a few times (both dine-in and take-out). I didn't like their beef brisket too much - much better to walk up the hill to Kau Kee!

    Their fishballs were OK but nothing amazing.

  2. Yes its a little 'UN', the beef bits! Kau Kee for me is weird - the beef is getting better, but soup is going backwards! not sure what's happening.. just went again the other day. :S



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