Monday, April 18, 2011

La Gelateria Frigidarium (Rome) - ♕♕♕♕

One won't find endorsement of this Gelateria amongst the circle of local Italian and Rome bloggers, my favourite being Katie from ParlaFood, whom I'd met too late in Spain and publishes articles for multiple local Italian magazines and obviously receives the latest news and knows Rome back to front.  If she says anything about Rome, believe her.  Read her blog or translate her Italian articles before you travel to Rome next time!   Whereas, I was just a sad passing-by tourist who got lost in the rain and couldn't find Gelateria del Teatro, my original target.  Gelateria Frigidarium was more like a Plan B.  

As mentioned before, true Gelateria Artigianale aka Artisanal Gelati Shops are difficult to find anywhere in the world and in Italy, the rare ones that pass the test are Officially Certified and Protected.   99.5% of other shops such as Antica Gelateria di Roma or L'Angolo Russo sell commercial grade gelati made from mass produced paste and syrups with lots of unnatural food coloring (well Laduree uses a lot of it too!), much like most Cafes sell commercial coffee.  It's not  necessarily a bad thing mind you, but real gelato connoisseur eaters can tell the difference just by visual que alone.   Gelateria Frigidarium might not be loved by Italian locals but online feedbacks by tourists sees this being rated very highly indeed:  TripAdvisor Rating . 

It calls itself a Gelateria Artigianale just like many others, but I saw no clues on any Official Certificates and their products don't look like one.   This to me strikes the middle-ground between commercial and artisanal.  They do have a gelati laboratory in the back room, and even though they do not use all natural colours nor have the texture of true artisanal gelati, but they still use quality ingredients such as Bronte Pistachio and Non Hydrogenated Fat.

Definitely one of the better Commercial Gelati shops... 
You can still tell it is touristy somehow though!

Nocciola & Lampone - 
Hazelnut flavour and Raspberry flavours.  These are pretty good actually for what it is.  It does it's job as a higher grade commercial gelati.  Much like Movenpick and Haagen Daaz also excel and satisfy their targeted crowd...  ~ 8/10


But make no mistake,
this shop is by no means truly artisanal, 

for example like this shop also found in Rome:


  • Price: €3 - 4 Per Person including VAT
  • Score: 

    Via del Governo Vecchio, 112
    00186 RomeItaly
  • Ph: +39 3396283328

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