Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hin Ho Curry (恆河咖喱屋) - ♕♕♕

Michelin 1 Stars

It’s difficult to fathom how this original branch of their 2 Indian shops, located within very close proximity of one another, somehow managed to bluff its way onto the 3rd Edition of the HK Michelin Guide and become awarded the coveted HK Michelin 1 Star Status in the 2011 Edition Michelin Guide?   There are easily much better Indian restaurants to be found out there, not only within Hong Kong but perhaps anywhere else in the world which was once a Ex-British Commonwealth ruled State.   The prices here aren’t so economical either, as most main course dishes run from between $68 to $95 per dish at the minimum.  Whilst I do generally agree with some of the HK Michelin 2011 Star Ratings, this particular shop’s recommendation remains one of the most biggest unsolved mysteries.  I highly disagree with this Star Rating having dined here to try their food during dinner.  To me, this is not even worthy of a Michelin mention, let alone a Michelin Star! Confused smile


Indian lamps fill the space..

Pappadom Cone, with a Herbal-Spicy Sauce -
This could well be the ultimate T. Keller’s version of a Indian Pappadom cornet! Smile with tongue out 
This was ok, but served completely cold  ~ 6/10

Kirin Beer -
There was no Indian beer available on the night of visit, which was outright weird! Sad smile

Palak Soup -
A popular Indian Spinach and Cream soup, this was quite enjoyable
but could be more intense in flavours ~ 6.5/10

Tandoori Chicken -
This came steaming hot on the sizzling plate, which is a plus.  However, the marination was really weak and had hardly gotten infused into the tasteless chicken meat.  I have roasted better Tandoori chicken myself numerous times. How this can be worthy of a Michelin 1 Star quality, is of anyone’s guess ~

I ordered Tandoori Chicken.  Out came a Tanned and very burnt Chicken… Sad smile

A Minty Yoghurt sauce to go with the chicken..

Lamb Knee Masala -
This is a wet type of Masala rather than a dry-rubbed one.  There was surprisingly not much meat on the bone, considering this costs $95 + 10%.  The spicy flavour however was really great, with a sweet onion taste.  This was a great curry dish ~ 8/10

Not overly gamey, but perfectly between having a bite and being too tender…

Khumb -
A combination of Corn and Mushrooms, this tasted like it had a fair bit of cumin and cardamom infused,
but it was a little too creamy to be authentically Indian, its more like Hong Kong style curry ~

Naan (Plain) -
This wasn’t leavened and fluffy enough nor elastic. 
It was a very ordinary Naan rendition, a bit lifeless.  And it was cold when it arrived ~

Mango Lassi -
This had a great mango flavour, but this is no lassi.  There is virtually no yogurt or saltiness taste, and this tasted much more like a mango milkshake.  I like it, but….  ~

The Tandoor is covered with a Chinese wok when its job is finished!

$160 Per Person
Score: ★★★

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun 11:00 - 15:00pm, 18:00 - 23:00pm

Address: 筲箕灣東大街59-99號 東威大廈11號舖
(Shop 11, East Way Tower, 59-99 Main St. East, Shau Kei Wan)
Ph: 2560 1268



  1. Here's an interesting article from the Esquire Magazine:

    After reading this, you"ll realize that one really should not be too serious about the guide.

    (Sorry just can't figure out how to link the article. You"ll have to type everything yourself!)

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for the link. Very interesting at how Michelin's top guy avoids answering questions.

    Looking at the overall 2011 Guide (I finally got the chance to check it out tonight), the restaurants they visited are actually pretty spot on, but its their Rating System which really annoys me!

    I don't know how to link html hyperlinks on blog comments either haha, but I think the above one is missing an 'r' in case anyone else is reading!

  3. a HK friend told me that any random 咖喱屋 (curry house) in Chung King mansion would outshine Hin Ho. hahah, is that true? I wish he was exaggerating

  4. I think your HK friend has a point! I said the same in my Openrice review hahaha... Chung King ones at least taste like real curry ~you know, they keep recooking the overnight curries until they thicken up and is like a slurry ! :P

  5. You've got to be having a laugh. This place. a Michelin star. How?

  6. Hi Mr Noodles,

    Yes its a bit of a comical ending for this shop to get a Star! Some of the other choices are ok though. I just have a big problem with this one and their Roast Shops selections haha :D



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