Wednesday, December 29, 2010

La Piola, Gastro Enoteca Piemontese - ♕♕♕

Chef Stefano Rossi flew in all the way from Turin of Italy to present the Piemontese regional food to us lucky HK customers, although right now, I believe it still has a long way to go before it irons out some kinks first and truly impress.   Despite me brimming with expectations and anticipating its opening since a month ago, read below and you’ll see why I was still hoping for more from this newly opened regional Italian restaurant.


It has the look of a Tavern Wine Bar (Enoteca).
Note that Piemontese is spelt without the ‘d’ here, which is true Italian.

Grissini and Bread Basket -
Grissini is actually invented in Turin, and the one here is of the hard crusty type. This bread basket isn’t very impressive and its served COLD. But thís is pretty authentic, its just that we’ve been spoiled by good bread baskets in Hong Kong!   ~ 6.5/10

Olive Oil Dip

Nebbiolo Negro Envitaly (Negro, Piemonte) -
Good on its own, but eating this with food, some sort of metallic iron taste managed to creep out of nowhere, as opposed to minerality  ~ 7/10

Insalata di Faraona Sedano e Toma -
A Salad of Guinea Fowl with Celery and a Piemontese Toma Cheese, this was refreshing with a squeeze of lemon as dressing.  A very simple salad, but bites of this had sand in it!  ~ 6.5/10

Tajarin alla Salsiccia e Funghi Porcini -
Home Made Tajarin is a Torino specialty pasta. Here its cooked with some diced sausages and completely tasteless porcino (I’ll hazard to say its less then 1 mushroom).  There is no gravy like sausage ragu sauce, its just a simple pasta.  And despite ordering this with a reminder that I’d like it Al Dente, this came out steaming hot and mushy and sticky.  For $170, couldn’t they make or design this a bit more seriously?  ~ 3/10

Parmesan -
This wasn’t the crystalised, crumbly sharp Parmesan, its more cowy and fresh.
I actually prefer this not so aged version. Freshly grated in house, a welcome sight!



Price: $360 + 10% Per Person
Score: ★★★☆☆

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun -      TBA, Currently Night Only

Address:  中環擺花街8號地下
(G/F, 8 Lyndhurst Street, Central)
Ph: 2851 2281




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