Sunday, December 19, 2010

交通事業從業員協會會所 - ♕♕♕♕

This is part of a Winter Snake Feast dinner, held at the Traffic Services Employees Association (交通事業從業員協會會所) every year during November to early January.  This year it runs from the 19th Nov until the 2nd of Jan!    I arrived here having been invited by some of mine best dining friends in HK, although I have no idea how they got in.  This is a private kitchen and supposedly a Members Only venue but apparently my dining group comes every year for their Signature Snake Soup - and no, not the normal 蛇羹, but the even better 蛇湯 served afterwards…


You won’t see this review on Openrice, because I’d tried to add it online but it got rejected as a new entry.  But for only HKD$145 per person or USD18 for all the dishes we had beneath, including a bottle of Snake Wine, plus unlimited refills of Beers and Sodas during the night, surely this was one hell of a bargain of Snake Feast! Smile with tongue out

We have pre-booked a banquet meal already, but they also cater for Take-Away..
which a lot of customers come to order and pick up.

Unlimited refill of Soda or Tsing Tao Beer..

Thickened Snake Bisque (三蛇羹) x 2 Pots
for each Table of 12 diners -

Red Beancurd Flavoured Crisps, with Lemon Grass.
No signs of Chrysanthemum or Coriander though.
The Fermented Beancurd is for the lamb pot afterwards…


Thickened Snake Bisque (三蛇羹)-
With shredded black fungus and mushrooms, herbs, chicken and pork meat, etc,
this was OK rather than exceptional.  Most of its snake’s meat and flavour is reserved for another 2 dishes below ~ 6.5/10

Seven Coloured Stir-Fried Snakes (七彩炒蛇絲) -
A weird name, this was snake meat fried with veggies and on top of fried vermicelli strips. This is more of a ‘gweilo’ dish than I had imagined, and there’s little wonder why the above snake bisque was a little light in flavour, as it needs to be divided between 3 dishes ~

Fish Maws with Goose Web (花膠扣鵝掌) -
Not really my type of dish as this is more for ladies too infatuated with their collagen intake! Smile with tongue out
I thought this was cooked ok and upto normal standards ~ 7/10

Black Soy Beans Steamed Fresh Eel (豉汁盤龍鱔) -
This had the right crunchy texture, albeit a little bony. Slightly above typical China Town standards, which is a feat in a way as this can sometimes go terribly wrong under the wrong hands ~ 8/10

Ginger and Shallots Steamed Chicken (薑葱霸王雞) -
Obviously, compared to the very near perfect version served at Shang Palace as previously reviewed, this wouldn’t be upto the highest standards. But this was more than edible.  Slightly under-seasoned and chewy, rather than dry-tough from over-cooking. Probably a Rigor Mortis problem? ~ 6.9/10

Black Chicken and 3 Snakes Soup (烏雞燉三蛇) -
This according to my foodie friends is why we bother coming to here, and it was spot on.
It was lusciously rich and flavoursome, a really great chicken and snake soup or broth.  This is a true snake soup and is rare to find.  At the compromise of the above Snake Bisque, this Snake Soup carried all the right medicinal and snakes flavour.  Simply Amazing  ~ 9.5/ 10

Dried Soybean Sheets with Lamb Meat Pot  (枝竹草羊煲) -
I was a little surprised at first as this was made perfectly to my taste and with a really good texture, and it came without too much lamb skins or fat or tendons attached which tends to distract from the experience.  (A rather subjective comment mind you, as some probably like it attached with a lot of skins/fats too!)  To me anyway, this was done fairly well to my personal and properly biased liking ~

Lettuce Cooked in Snake Broth (蛇汁西生菜) -
This was barely overcooked in my opinion, it is no longer crunchy,
but the flavours were spot on.  Hard to rate ~ 6.9/10


Fried Sticky Rice with Preserved Sausages (生炒糯米飯) -
This was cooked to al-dente and also not overly moist.  Textures wise it was great but not as sticky as hoped, and overall it was missing its preserved meat’s taste in the composition. 
蛇王二's version is definitely better, but that’s being nit-picking ~ 7/10

3 Snakes Chinese Wines -
I was too chicken to try it out…

IMG_5584Still carry no idea how I’d arrived here.  Oh well, at least it was memorable and I liked it enough, and somehow, I can’t wait until next season  – as this random dining experience of short notice left me with an insatiable quest for drinking more good snake bisque or soup during winter. 

Price: $145 per person for Table of 12
Score:  ★★★★☆☆

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sun - 20:00pm - 23:00pm  (Members Only)

Address: 香港灣仔譚臣道,105-111號豪富大厦5字樓
(5/F, 105-111 Thomson Road, Harvard Commercial Building, Wanchai),
Ph: 2575 5544



  1. I can't believe I haven't tried snake until now...

    Hehe I am a huge fan of yours!

  2. Yeh I keep thinking about snakes nowadays too! Weird because last year I wasn't that much into it, until I had the great snake soup..! And I met a friend from South America who was looking for it recently! She's been doing a bit of research on the topic

    Mochachocolata Rita, I wish I could take really pretty photos and look as professional as yours! :D

  3. Now this looks more like it! (as in the context in food in HK generally rather than your posts of course).

    Absolutely awesome. I am deeply sad I (i) have never heard of the place (ii) will not make it (iii) have still not made the effort to eat snake.

    Snake is on my list for when I get back from Japan.

  4. Dear TomEats,

    Merry Xmas to you! I am sure you will miss Japan too when you get back - but yeh I'm never grown affinity to Snake stuff before, but for some reason this Winter I am starting to appreciate the flavour and the medicinal 'acquired' taste. Together with some kind of preserved sausages and glutinous rice !

    I think I will try out more soon - looking forward to your Japan reviews :)

  5. Very subject, regards for posting .

  6. Yeh I continue contemplating snakes these days as well! Peculiar in light of the fact that last year I wasn't that much into it, until I had the considerable snake soup..! Furthermore, I met a companion from South America who was searching for it as of late! She's been doing a touch of examination on the theme... Food Truck



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