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Wing Lei Hin (永利軒 Macau) - ♕♕ 1/2

Michelin 1 Stars

Its probably a little strange to see me posting on many Michelin related reviews lately to coincide with the just released HK and Macau 2011 Michelin Guide, but I happen to have a pile of them conveniently sitting in the photos archive which means now is the best time to get rid of a few of them, before I can get around to some 300 plus reviews portfolio on reserve still.  To keep it brief and possibly has already been mentioned, I had tried quite a few times wishing for a walk-in visit here - but every time Wing Lei was fully occupied for lunch up until 3pm. Therefore a reservation is mandatory and that’s how I got in finally by the 3rd attempt!   I suspect its because Dim Sum Lunch here is a relative bargain as it costs a mere $148MOP for 6 dishes.  We ended up ordering some as a la carte anyway, as not every item on the Set Course is interesting and to our liking,  so we didn’t mind paying for more for quality...  *Excuse the bad photos, as that was during my pre-camera days when I resorted to using my mobile phone.”

270620105116The back entrance, is actually the Main Entrance. 
Go figure…!

White Peony Tea (白牡丹) -
Wing Lei is very serious about their teas, they even hold internal seminars to educate the staff,
when their tea supplier comes regularly to keep them updated ~ 9/10

A Proprietary duo sauce of Cantonese Red Chilli and Green Chilli with herbs, the latter is more refreshing and the red is more sweeter but spicier… Green one goes with dim sums very well!

Baked Roast Chicken and Walnut Puff (琥珀合桃燒雞酥) -
The pastry was good, but the filling was overly minced and tasted nothing like its description ~

Steamed Scallop, Shrimp and Wasabi Dumpling (青芥帶子海鮮餃) -
This carried so much tubed wasabi taste on each dumpling, it made my eyes teared non-stop, that’s what poor quality wasabi can do to you!  The overall skin and seafood taste was so weak, 京花軒 restaurant located in the same casino complex made a similar dim sum which was 5 times better than this, yet that barely received a mentioning… ~  3/10

Fried Barbeque Goose and Taro Cake with Conpoy Chili Sauce (XO 醬燒鵝煎芋頭糕) -
Compared to the last dish, this was exceptionally good. So tasty, I would come back just to have this dish.  The conpoy XO sauce was immaculate, balanced in spiciness but retaining its awesome seafood taste. The goose meat together with taro was a deathly combination. I am surprised they got some of the other dim sums so wrong here, yet they got this one so right.  A little firm though.. ~ 8/10

Deep Fried Glutinous Dumpling with Goose Liver (鵝肝鹹水角) -
The external glutinous pouch was fried well, but the internal tasted nothing like the description.
Looking at the bottom picture, there wasn’t much indication of goose liver either ~

Steamed Rice Crepe with Beef and Crispy Chinese Doughnut (鬼馬牛肉腸粉) -
This had a mediocre rice crepe skin compared to MANY other Macanese restaurants,
but overall this was an acceptable dish, if not tasting a bit bland.  Not hot enough either ~ 6.9/10

Deep Fried Shrimp Dumpling (脆皮炸蝦角) -
This was exactly just like its description and nothing more. And that’s where the problem lies – how hard is it to just wrap some pastry around some prawns then fry it in oil?  For a Michelin 1 Star restaurant?  Note that this dish - just like the above Chicken Puff and Goose Liver Glutinous Dumpling, all sat on a very stale piece of cold crepe when served.  Outright disappointing and very boring dish ~ 6/10

Shark’s fin and Seafood Dumpling in Superior Soup (高湯魚翅灌湯餃) -
Yawn…  This was meant to be the piece de resistance on that day, as Wing Lei is well known for its soup-infused dumpling.   When this arrived, my jaws literally dropped.  Why is this version a dumpling served sitting in a soup, rather than the soup injected inside the dumpling version it promised??  The original Wing Lei’s version was meant to be just that, but because I had missed out on coming here for a few months, somehow they began adopting the lazier version…    And this tasted just so bland, outright ordinary inside and outside, I remember having had much better versions elsewhere.   One that instantly springs up in my mind is Man Wah @ HK Mandarin Oriental, which had that perfectly chunky and tasty internals but being just a little over-board with their alcohol in the soup base.  Not to mention the properly soup-infused versions, which can only be found in Luk Yu, Chui Hang Chuen and Fung Sing nowadays.  The one here is absolutely atrocious in its performance, what a shame ~ 4/10


Price: $148 Per Person +10%
Lunch Score: ★★
*Although Lunch is not the ultimate benchmark of a restaurant’s true performance, its still surprising to see how this continuously became being crowned a 1 Michelin Star for 2 consecutive years – whereas 京花軒(Golden Flower)’s lunch was so much more sophisticated in every aspect and delicate in each of its dishes….  I would without blinking an eye return to Golden Flower instead before I set foot here again. Sigh.

Opening Hours:
Mon to Sat 11:30 - 15:00pm, 18:00 - 23:00pm
Sun                        - 10:30 - 15:00pm, 18:00 - 23:00pm

Address: 宋玉生廣場,外港填海區仙德麗街永利澳門酒店
(Wynn Casino Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, Nape, Alameda Dutor Carlos d'Assumpcao)
Ph: (853) 8986 3663


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