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Beijing Kitchen 滿堂彩 [ Macau ] - Peking Food and Date Wood Roasted Peking Duck, Sister Restaurant to Beijing’s Made in China 長安一號

 Been here quite a few times in Macau’s Grand Hyatt with the family (Here is one of my ex-reviews: ) and always loved the Food Creativity here,  it seems a certain range of Hyatt restaurants all prepare a Peking Duck and also share ingredients and recipe knowledge across China and Asia.   On top of Shatin 18 in Hong Kong,  I have also  been to the Hyatt open kitchen restaurants in Canton,  Shanghai,  Beijing, also the Hong Kong and Macau branches and they operate one of my most respected Chinese restaurants concept.    A gentle reminder before I forget,  when you order the Peking Duck here for MOP $598,  you can actually receive 2 dishes,  usually a Duck Tofu Soup or Fried Duck Bones.  It’s not written on the Menu so half the times I also forget for myself too.



Private Dining Kitchen Menu -
Today we are eating the $8,888 for 8-10 people 招財進寶宴.  Only available in the Private Rooms in the back,  this time we were celebrating with the release of the new Magazine by Skyscape 鳳凰天空.



Crunchy Jelly Fish Heads - 滿堂彩前菜拼盤
This recipe is often eaten in Northern-Chinese cuisine.  Down further South we tend to eat the lower parts of the Jelly Fish as strips.  It always baffled me as the Head part is treated as a high end product in HK and sold for a premium,  but on China side it’s almost a given to only eat this part!  Especially the Mexican variety which is all heads basically ~ 8/10 



The Tofu and Scallops Appetizers - 滿堂彩前菜拼盤
The cold tofu was almost citrusy appetizing with the spring onions oil too.



Buddha Jumps the Wall Soup with Abalone,  Fish Maw -  功夫臻品滋補湯 佛跳牆
Individually this by itself already costs $788,  so paying for the $8,888 shared between 8-10 people means you get your money back with this soup alone.  Very nicely done and naturally sweet.  I liked how this was not overly salted,  so one can enjoy the natural taste.  The abalone was so huge too  ~ 9/10




Peking Duck 3 Ways – aka Beijing’s Hyatt Made in China style $598  老式果木烤填鴨
This is roasted using Date Wood.  Some places use Lychee Wood or Apple Wood as combination too.  I have eaten this many times and it has always been moist inside and crunchy outside,  in fact I don’t know why but it tastes better than the original shop in Beijing for me.  Same applies to Shatin 18 Hong Kong and Xin Tian Di in Shanghai Hyatt on the Bund.   Don’t ask me why ~ 9.5/10




Salt and Pepper Fried Lamb Gigot - 椒鹽香酥羊棒
With a bit of cumin spice,  quite Xinjiang in recipe!  ~ 8/10



金華玉樹麒麟魚 – Steamed Garoupa Fish with Mushrooms and Jinhua Chinese Ham
Such a classic recipe,  the ham seemed to be slightly honeyed in advance to take away the saltiness.  Very good and smooth.  ~ 9/10



川味燒麻婆豆腐  - Ma Po Tofu Sichuan Style with Prawns and Pork
This is done correctly.  Unlike many versions which is only chili hot,  this one also carried the Sichuan Pepper Numbness.   It reminds me of the prawn dish we ate in Shanghai Hyatt on the Bund,  that dish was so memorable too.   ~ 8/10

蔥香鵪鶉蛋海參 – Spring Onion and Quail Eggs,  with Braised Sea Cucumber
A hearty dish.  That’s a lot of Quail eggs.  I personally think the braising sauce could be heavier and more like a gravy,  especially when winter requires some viscous thick sauce!   ~ 7/10

金沙燜炒鮮涼瓜 – Salted Duck Egg Yolk with Sauteed Bitter Melon
This is always one of my favourite recipes.   They say that as one gets older you appreciate more this bitterness.  I think when I was younger,  most bitter melon were super bitter compared to now,  so I guess I quite liked this for balance nowadays.   ~ 8/10


滿堂彩油燜大蝦 – Braised King Prawn
A big prawn with a soy sauce coating.  Always a perennial favourite,  but don’t take it for granted.  For some reason all the modern versions are served with a red tomato and a garlicky sauce.   In the past,  this was always made with soy sauce and darkened.   ~ 8/10




滿堂彩包點薈萃 – Pork and Prawn Siu Mai,  Beijing style Vegetarian Shui Gao Dumplings, 
Spring Rolls,  also 肉夾饃.



Beijing style Vegetarian Dumplings -
I have had this so many times here and this is always a must order.   The skin and the fillings are always so balanced,  even better than eating in Beijing if you ask me!   ~ 10/10

肉夾饃 – Rou Jia Mo Pork Buns
This also I had a few times here before.  Today’s version seemed more of a bite size smaller,  and upon questioning,  apparently this smaller version is made exclusively for the Private Room Diners so it won’t fill up the customers too quickly.  Very thoughtful for a Chinese Arepa x Pulled Pork concept  .  ~7/10




炸醬麵 – ZhaJiangMian Noodles
This is the Beijing style noodles and apparently it was ordered just for me!  Comes with pretty 心裡美 radish.   ~ 8/10



Duck being Roasted with Date Wood -
In an open wood and brick oven. 



Lemon and Orange Chili Ice Cream -
The Chiliness within takes a few seconds to manifest itself.  Quite fun as a dessert concept!  Quite refreshing as well.  ~ 9/10



Black Sesame Lava Fondant -
This was quite runny and full of toasty black sesame taste!  ~ 9/10



More Mango Pudding with Lime Zest,  Purple Rice,  Ice Cream and Coconut Mochi Desserts -
I was so full by this stage.  The Mango and Lime pudding was very refreshing but I could only fit in two bites by now!  ~ 8/10



Hand Kneaded Noodles -
For some reason,  someone asked if we could make this and the open kitchen let us play with it.  Have to say the Noodles Master did a much better job hand slicing the noodles.   It’s actually not easy and I have to practise more 1 day !


時令鮮生果 -
Fruit Platter is served in the end.  Prettily sliced up.   A healthy finish to the meal.
Don’t forget to order some Chinese Tea here.  Although they don’t actively promote it,  this whole line of Beijing style restaurants within the Hyatt Hotel Group alway have some of the best tea you can find in Asia!




Price:  $8888 + 10% for 8-10 People
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address:  路氹城連貫公路新濠天地澳門君悅酒店1樓
G/F,  Grand Hyatt Hotel, Cotai,  Macau
Ph:  8868 1930


  1. I didn't know their steamed dumplings were that good! I have only tried their pan fried version.
    Oh and the black sesame fondant looks amazing! :)

  2. Andre Cheung - Yes the Pan Fried one is good too, I order that sometimes too as it is consistent across the board with any Hyatt Restaurants serving the duck.. but at this particular Macau Beijing Kitchen, I just love their dumplings so much!!!! And it feels healthier having them just boiled and majority filled with veggies!

    I always thought it had tofu in it too but someone said it doesn't, weird !



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