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Casa Lisboa - Rare Mediterranean Seafood Imported Straight from Portuguese Seafood Markets

 Thanks to Casa Lisboa for inviting some of us on the night,  to do a preview dinner and help virally spread the word about their latest bold adventure – they are currently doing an Imported Portuguese Seafood Platter to attract customers at just cost price,  and it even includes a bottle of wine in the price.  Details are described below.   There is also a secret strategy to ordering and read it especially at the end paragraph,  as I might have to edit it again soon before everyone finds out and the restaurant changes policy.



Portuguese Fried Vegetables – Peixinhos da Horta a Moda da Casa
This Iberian-Portuguese recipe is said to be the predecessor to Japanese Tempura.  The home version is not made from small fishes but only vegetables and eaten during Lent.   The ones I eat are usually very thin strips,  but this flatter version is said to be quite traditional too.   Carrot,  Zucchini and Sweet Potatoes dipped into a Mustard Aole/Aioli like sauce.  ~ 7/10



Wines for the Evening -
1 Higher End Wine Bottle is included in the $1880 4 Persons Seafood Platter.
The $950 for 2 Persons also gets you a bottle of lesser wine. 


$1880 Portuguese Seafood Platter for 4,  includes 1 Bottle of Portuguese Wine -
With the super expensive Goose Barnacles which can fetch up to 200Euro per Kg,  Portuguese small Tiger shrimps,  White shrimps,  Scampi’s,  Portuguese Red Prawns which are same specie as Spanish Carabinero, also Spider Crab served with its own meat and Tomalley Roe.  Very fresh indeed and many items are unique to the Hong Kong market.   ~ 10/10


Goose Barnacles -
We have these in HK too,  but apparently the French/Spanish/Portuguese ones taste even sweeter and hence so expensive..   7/10


Portuguese Spider Crab -
Very fresh and sweet,  this was not boiled pre-frozen.  In Europe,  just this Appetizer alone can fetch up to 75 Euro in my experience.  Mixed with some Eggs and Mayonnaise to bring out its flavour.  ~ 9/10

Red Prawns from Madeira Island -
Grilled very well and as I always say,  keep the shells and legs when you cook Red Prawns.  That’s where most of the crustacean flavours lie.  The head was also full of tomalley and roe,  super sweet.  Easily the best I have tried in town,  but not surprised because sister restaurant Ole also do them very well.   ~ 10/10



Portobello Mushroom stuffed with Spinach and Bechamel sauce – $110
Lovely dish as expected and served with a Ratatouille.  Albeit a bit pricy for 1 mushroom.  ~ 8/10

Baked Salted Cod Bacalhau with Corn Crumble,  Spinach,  Kai Lan, Rustic Potatoes – $280
The gratinated corn crumble was crunchier than expected.  What made me really happy was that the bacalhau here was quite salty but not dry stringy,  and the whole purpose of eating it.  Too many toned down versions in Hong Kong,  even compared to Macau side.  Brilliantly done with the right combination of vegetables too.   ~ 9/10

Sauteed Baby Squids Casa Lisboa Style – $150
Cooked with plenty of onions,  tomato,  peppers, herb oil, etc.   This is nice and simple,  but one can’t help recall the stuffed Baby Squids with Prawns and Nuts in sister restaurant Ole.   ~ 6.9/10




Pan Seared Red Mullet with Clams & Shrimps Rice – $290
Another interesting dish which by coincidence,  I have also cooked for myself before with some saffron too just similar to here.  Very lovely dish and you get 2 pieces of crispy skinned fish.  ~ 9/10


Costeletas de Cordeiro
Lamb Rack with Herbs and Rustic Baked Potatoes – $280
Cooked evenly and the racks ‘frenched’ prettily in presentation too.  Another traditional Portuguese dish but presented neatly,  I could stand more lamby taste or some Rosemary herbs too but this suits the overall population more.  ~ 7.5/10


Pineapple Carpaccio Madeira way served with Lemon & Lime Sorbet – $80
Shaved thinly and surprisingly the middle not cored,  this is soaked in a spiced sugary solution.   Although I have had this similar recipe for decades,  the presentation of this was quite 3 Dimensional and appreciated.  ~ 9/10



Bolo de Bolacha – Cookie Cake with Coffee $90
This tasted almost like a Tiramisu cake style version,  wouldn’t be surprised if they are slightly related somehow.  Not too sweet yet light,  with some coffee,  condensed milk and crumbly bits.   This is an adult’s version of a Saw dust Serradura to me.  ~ 9/10


Casa Lisboa is Authentic Portuguese style -
I remember when it first opened,  the Menu was separated into 2 sections – namely Traditional Portuguese vs Macanese-Portuguese dishes,  very cheeky!  Nowadays it is mainly concentrating on the Portugal recipes and this time,  the most homely traditional recipes but presented professionally.   The Portuguese imported Seafood Platter was one of its kind,  and if you come as a Table of 4 pax,  trust me,  order 2 Small Seafood Platters instead of 1 Large Platter.   You will thank me afterwards with your extra Crab and Wines,  but read the menu carefully and do your sums and you will know what I mean  (I am not suppose to tell you this information but I sorta cracked the system on the spot… shoosh !)  Angel




Price:  $470 to $650 + 10% Per Person with Wine Included  (Meal by Invitation by Casa Lisboa)
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ 1/2 to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address: 中環蘭桂坊德己立街55號LKF Tower 8樓
8/F LKF Tower,  55 Douglas Street,  Lan Kwai Fong,  Central, HK
Ph: 2905 1168

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