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Mezza 9 [ Macau ] - Portuguese and Asian Cuisines at Grand Hyatt Hotel. It makes Sense, because Macau and Hong Kong has always been influenced by Portuguese, British and Asian roots.

 Mezza 9 has an interesting background. The original concept is actually from Singapore's Grand Hyatt Hotel's Mezza9. Just as I explained in the previous Beijing Kitchen review from under the same Macau hotel, that concept somehow spawned off from Beijing Hyatt's Made in China restaurant and subsequently created other famous Peking Duck and Chinese restaurants in the Group. This is a smart move and when Food Concepts do migrate globally. Here in Macau, apart from South East Asian food, they also try to make it slightly Portuguese and Cantonese influenced. It makes perfect sense to me because Macau grew up with Portuguese and Cantonese food influences..

Baked Bread - 

with a Tomato based Spread

Sommelier here Suggested more Portuguese wines for Pairing by default - 

This is so Macau!

Antipasti Platter - with some Chourico Sausage, Portugual Alavao Tradicional Cow Cheese, Tomato Bruchette,  Crab Cakes with Mango Salsa,  Spanish Iberico Ham and Melon and Empanadas  MOP $328 

This mix to me is so Mediterranean,  with a mix of Iberian Portuguese,  Spanish and even Italian influence.  The Alavao cheese tasted like a Dutch Gouda to me actually in taste and texture..

Sitting down on the Tables with these Pretty Lighting - 

I liked this set up,  but that's when the foodie side comes out from us.  Direct lights often create shadows,  but these were warmer yet diffused lighting.  It helps tremendously taking photos

Green Pea Soup with Crispy Bacon Bits,  Creamy Foam,  Olive Oil -  $95

This is quite refreshing.  Although usually more a Spring soup I actually prefer this sometimes as a lighter soup starter,  before a heavier main meal.  ~ 8/10

Roasted French Baby Chicken,  Oregano,  Bacon and Tomatoes,  Olives - $278

Homely Wintery dish.  This is more like a stew to me somewhat.  6.5/10  I don't know may be I also prefer some Thyme in it,  it's quite personal preference.

Pork Neck,  Clams and Bell Pepper Taste - 

This combination has always been smart,  with plenty of herbs and garlic. This Alentejo recipe is one of my favorite dishes.  Actually since this area borders with Spain's most famous Iberico Ham region to the east,  a lot of foodies believe this was originally a Spanish Chorizo with Clams recipe.  But under the Portuguese Alentejo recipe,  they used a less saltier pork to enhance the seafood sweetness instead.  It actually makes sense to me.   ~ 8/10

Portuguese Sausage with Fried Egg and Fries - 

Actually when this arrived I was a bit surprised,  coz this is not the typical Skinned or Narrower Chourico sausage,  but one that is breaded then fried without an 'intestinal' skin casing.  Not sure if I am correct but to me this is more encountered with Jewish-Kosher style sausages usually,  missing 'derma' skin  (think the origin of term Dermatology), or some Portuguese-Jewish Alheira style sausage.  This was really good and it feels less heavier or garlicky spicy too.   ~ 9/10

Portuguese Biffe Marrare with a Coffee Mushrooms, Creamy and Wine sauce - $398

Made with USDA Prime Angus here,  of course served with Fries on the side which were done well and potato-y.   As with all steaks I eat I add on more salt flakes myself.  A well done job and unique in Asia.   ~ 9/10

Codfish,  Green Pea Cream,  Tomatoes,  Asparagus and Confit Garlic - $390

We ate way too much on the day,  but as usual I can at least remember this Cod Fish was silky yet salty,  the way I like it.  Too many toned down versions in town outside of Portugal and Spanish.   ~ 8/10

Pan Fried Seabass with Traditional Portuguese Butter sauce - $298

Actually this had a Crispy skin,  but someone else's Cod Fish had a thicker softer skin.   One was saltier drool,  one was fresher and can taste the fish flavour.   It's these situation that make it not easy to pick one.   For me tonight I will pick the Seabass - coz so many people can't cook it right like here.   I will probably still carry the dilemma if I was in that region.  ~ 8/10

Dessert Platter - 

Portuguese Egg Tarts were sensational here with a great thinly individual pastry layerings,  to me better than the famous shops in town.  The Serradura saw-dust comes frozen and with a Berries coulis sauce,  very inventive but makes sense.   There's also a dark chocolate mousse and some Biscuits which I was too full to try by now...

Bailey's Souffle,  with Soft Almond Chocolate Soft Serve - $148

As I said on Instagram,  girls love Irish Cream or Bailey's.  I think this could do better with a separate Bailey's sauce poured on top,  or slightly more in the Chocolate Almond ice cream with dehydrated Raspberries to make it sensational.  I have to say the Souffle texture here was spot-on and hard to find in HK and Macau side.   One tell-tale sign is that even the edge rims are baked darkened like the top.  Most climb too fast and the side is just white.   ~ 9.5/10

Some Vintage Port to finish from 2001 -

Not very oxidized in taste as expected, even for a decades old vintage produced only on spectacular vintage year. Although from a pricing point of view, a Tawny Port or Madeira can always be an alternative option although obviously this is fresher and better. I am not fussed although there are plenty of similar options within Europe so I can always choose what we are comfortable with !!

Price: $600 - 800 + 10% Per People
Food: ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕ 1/2

Address: 路氹城連貫公路新濠天地澳門君悅酒店3樓
3/F, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Cotai, Macau
Ph: 8868 1930

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