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太艮堡陳老太順德料理 [ Macau ] - 順德 Shunde Cuisine Just like I ate it in the Canton Micro-Region

 艮堡陳老太順德料理 is a restaurant with a strange ironic name sake.  Apparently,  the illiterate of mason builders accidentally dropped the “dot” from the top of the word 大良,  but decided to be smart by themselves and somehow put it back on the other letter as a 太 instead 大良 via blind guessing.  You can’t blame them at all.   The owners of this super famous Restaurant from Shunde Region decided to keep the name just for fun in Macau.   Just to Clarify,  originally this shop is called 母米粥 in China and I have visited there before just last year in Shunde China.   In Macau the Casino City,  the original name sort of rhymes with “Not Winning Anything” in Cantonese language.   Hence this was changed into 陳老太順德料理 in Macau instead.   The food here however is excellent.

At the Fishermen’s Wharf -
Opposite Sands Casino and 10 minutes close to the Macau Ferry Port.  This location isn’t far from the city or anything,  but somehow it is just not convenient.  This restaurant totally deserves a better location for their authentic Shunde regional dishes to me..

Lingzhi Mushrooms with Pork Jowl Meat - 靈芝八兩

The rare cut of the Pork Jowl meat nearer the neck is quite rare,  it is also treasured in Spanish Cuisine.  This soup was super sweet and apparently good for your body,  if you believe in Chinese Medicine.  Lingzhi mushroom pores are also said to cure even cancer and carry plenty of Anti-oxidants.       ~ 8/10

Fish Maw and Free Range Fresh Chicken Soup - 

The gelatinous fish maw are from East Africa.  It is super huge and the Restaurant group is now selling them separately at retail shops and wholesale to external customers too.  Very thick indeed,  and to me it was obviously sourced from fresh water fish coz unknown to many people,  I also deal in this business myself behind the background.  Perks of being a foodie and often working in 3rd or 4th World countries.  Want a commission?  We will hook you up   ~ 9/10

清湯羊腩煲, 椰子肉, 玉米  -  Clear Lamb Soup with Coconut Water and Meat,  Corn

There isn’t much Lamb Ribs,  but the restaurant explained why…  According to traditional Shunde Cuisine,  meat was actually not the main component.   It is suppose to build a base flavour,  and then upon this,  the condiments on the side are boiled into the soup to absorb the flavours.  A little counter-intuitive but makes total sense,  considering in the past some Communities were poorer and can’t afford to slaughter much meat daily.  I really appreciate this restaurant to keep this traditional culture and not taking everything taken for granted.   ~ 8/10

Chicken Feet,  Fresh Duck Gizzards,  Innards -

Added in to enhance the soup gradually stage by stage.

Pomelo Skin - 柚皮

Unlike general Cantonese cuisine,  this is more chewy fibrous and there is no prawn roes added on top.  It simply just absorbed in the sweet soup above.  Super addictive and even for me,  I didn’t realize a slightly more fibrous Pomelo Skin can be so tasty today.  We all loved this so much for keeping the texture.   Amazing stuff and can’t find it in HK at all.   ~ 12/10

生菜芯 – Lettuce Heart

These were quite crunchy.  The external leaves are trimmed off,  I think it was a bit of a waste in theory.  However,  the restaurant wanted to only sell the precious core part of the plant.  Dipped into fermented tofu sauce with chili,  just like the lamb meat above.  Very Cantonese  ~ 9/10

瓦撑熘肥牛 – Claypot with Marbled Beef

Another signature here.  This was just okay,  I think it can be more tender,  but I only ate one piece so perhaps the other pieces fared better or not?  I prefer them more high heat seared if you ask me.  But I am a wanker as usual when I told you regarding to heating up beef,  not denying it at all damn.   ~ 7/10

煎墨魚餅 – Fried Cuttlefish Cakes

Apparently this is a famous Signature recipe here.  When I visited the original store in Shunde,  I ordered the River Grass Carp fish version instead.  But this was equally good and not greasy, for $90 this was good texturally indeed.  ~ 9/10

大良炸水牛鮮奶 – Fried Buffalo Milk

This was soooo good, and exactly how I have eaten it in Shunde.  Instead of the typical battered exterior,  this was just wrapped around with a crispy layer and exposing the Buffalo milky layer in the centre.  Almost impossible to find this accurate vesion on HK side,  but here it is presented correctly in Macau side.  A must order item,  again and again..  If only I had an apartment in Macau to fall back to every week.  Brilliant and accurate in Shunde spirit.   ~ 10/10

炸春花卷 – Fried Chives,  Water Chestnuts,  Pork and Prawns Nuggets

Another Signature here.  Non-Greasy and chunkily.  We were simply fighting for more shares of this and wished there was more.  For only $90 this was good value too.  Personally I am not a big fan of the strong chives leaves,  but this means I could fight back with resistance as an excuse before it was all devoured in time..  ~ 10/10

Rice from Southern China - 

This rice is strange.  It is a long grain but super sticky,  which to me in DNA is quite unique within this world.   Apparently we have to pre-book this rice dish but we were lucky to get some on the day,  and it goes well with Cured Meat on top as another Signature Dish but we didn’t experience on the day.  Can’t wait for the weather to turn colder still and come back to eat that too. This didn’t need any lard oil or soy sauce,  it was good just as a plain rice.  Amazing stuff.  ~ 10/10

Sea Cucumber with Ginger and Water Buffalo Milk Dessert Soup - 海參薑奶糖水

Interestingly,  I don’t think many of us have had Sea Cucumber as a dessert but it makes sense as a concept.  Since just like Fish Maw,  this is suppose to be good for the ladies’ skin with gelatin.  ~ 9/10.    I thought it could be less sweeter,  but some girls on the table really liked this anyway,  they say girls have more stomachs than a cow for desserts and over the years I have to agree.   You can also add in Ginger soup and more Powdered sugar to fine tune it yourself.   For me I’d rather like more traditional Buffalo Milk to dilute the super sweetness again and make another impact in another cowy stronger milk way.  ~ 8/10

Price:  $400 + 10% per Person
Food:   ♕♕♕♕ to ♕♕♕♕♕

Address:  新口岸孫逸仙大馬路澳門漁人碼頭意大利館地下
Macau Fisherman's Wharf Convention and Exhibition Center,  Macau
Ph: 28813322

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